About Us

Our Mission

Epilepsy California was created through the collaborative efforts of the three Epilepsy Foundations in California. The active founding members of Epilepsy California include the Epilepsy Foundations of San Diego County and the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles.

Epilepsy California is the recognized, unified voice of people with epilepsy throughout California. We are pro-active in developing a statewide epilepsy agenda, and advocate within state government and state agencies for public policy which ensures the rights of people affected by epilepsy to fully participate as contributing members of their communities.

Epilepsy California represents 1 million people in California with epilepsy and their family members. One in every 10 Americans will experience a seizure during his or her lifetime. Every three minutes a new person is diagnosed with epilepsy.

Epilepsy is defined as neurological condition characterized by recurrent seizures and can develop at any stage of life; children and the elderly are particularly affected. Epilepsy can stem from a variety of causes including head trauma, brain tumor, stroke, infection, neurodegenerative disorders including Alzheimer's disease, genetic predisposition, and poisoning. Epilepsy remains a formidable barrier to leading a normal life by affecting employment, education, and every day life. Even one episode will result in the loss of one's driver's license, leading to a loss of transportation that may result in the loss of employment—a situation that is detrimental to a family's well-being and stability.